Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Early Election Results are in.. with only 0.0005% Precincts Reporting

Ahh, that LIBERAL just ever so slightly biased media!!!! Abc-news is already calling some of the election results for the Obominable One with less than 1% of the precincts reporting. Again it shows that the media wants BO so bad it stinks! Hows about NOT reporting the results until at least 33% of the ballots are tallied. That way at least the chances of being dead wrong with their "predictions" would be greatly reduced. Nahh!

History will show that on this day we as a nation lost our collective sanity and elected the most inexperienced, incapable leader since Jimmy Carter a generation ago. The sad thing is BO will do more damage to the USA than Carter could have tried to do. BO will have ready and ever willing allies in both the Senate and House thus making it truly a triple threat to our freedoms for the citizens of this country. Welcome great leader Obama, we are your unwilling slaves caught in your soporific vision of ideaism and socialism.

I weep for this country as never before. The tenets our founding fathers held close are soon to be ruled unconstitutional by the most Godless government this great nation has ever voted into office.

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