Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Barak Hussein Obama Tutankhamon

So the lamestream media finally admits that our Beloved Hussein Obama is really a Muslim!!!! Wow, who'd have thunk that the media would figure out what the rest of us already knew: he was a wolf in sheeps clothing. Now that the secret is out, be prepared for muslim sharia laws in the US Constitution!!!

All you clueless Democrats out there, watch your backs! You voted for this imposter, not us. Don't come crying to conservatives when sharia laws come to your town. It already happend in jolly England. B. Hussein Obama is taking steps in the Middle East to ensure such steps can happen in the USA.

We conservatives must fight this at every step, even if it means a civil war in this country. The crusades beat back islam a thousand years ago in Europe, we must not let islam gain a foot hold in the USA or it will be the end-times as in revelation for B.Hussein will essentially become the world leader and mouthpiece of Satan, cleverly disguised as a clueless American president. Europe has already fallen for islam through the vanity of liberals who wanted "justice" and may not recover.

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