Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guns N Ammo

Heres an interesting look at the latest liberal agenda...

Seems there is a shortage of available ammo to those constitutional 2nd amendment gun owners!

While the current uber-liberal government hasn't come out totally against guns per se, they have found a way around the gun control issue, remove the ammo. Unfortunately this misguided action also limits our police and military access to ammunition in cases of WAR or Uprising. Hmmm. Gives one thought to ponder, if Our government says NO to guns, but allows citizens to keep guns (just NO ammunition , please), then what has the 2nd ammedment become? A toothless appendage of our constitution!!! By limiting ammunition production, our uber liberal government has opened the door to outsiders and invasion!
The list of Far left Traitors to The Constitution includes:
Sen Barbara Boxer
Pres. Barak Obama
Sen Barney Frank
Sen Diane Fienstien
And a host of Democrats who voted for such piss-poor legislation as to weaken our constitutional rights.

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vicente said...

While the arguments in favor of more gun control tend to revolve around crime, the assertion is that crimes would not be committed if there were no guns.
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