Monday, August 03, 2009

Cash for Clunkers, Steel for China

Our dear, hopelessly lost congress just blew through a billion dollars (yes, that's one thousand million) in less than one week! Now they want to add $2 billion more for a total of three billion dollars that will be gone in less than a month. At this rate, this clunker of a progran would cost taxpayers $52Billion per year! Of course the idiots in congress who voted for this didn't think that they would be spendinbg the whole $1B in only ONE WEEK. I'm sure they thout this teaser program would take at least a year to use up a billion dollars of taxpayer money.

These same US Representatives and Senators are the one who feel that gub'mint can run a national health care system. Gives new meaning to 'liberal arts'. The art of liberal deception is more apropos to the depiction af a 'benign' government run health care system that would mandate abortions and euthanasia, restrict needed care for chronic illness, and ultimately wind up costing the average American vastly MORE money than they are currently spending on health care.

The China angle is that while our government is giving those who can afford to buy a new car (those who still have jobs and the disposable income for a NEW car, the "clunkers" are permanently destroyed by ruining the engine, then crushing the car. Who takes the crushed cares? America has no steel industry left, thanks to liberals. China needs steel and they have the money to buy scrap iron fron the good ol USA and here are liberals in Washington making it that much easier for China to buy more US scrap iron.

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