Saturday, August 08, 2009

Obama's brownshirts have a name: SEIU

Proof that Obama has his "brownshirt" thugs at the ready to quash the free will of the American public. The SEIU, Service Employees International Union even uses Obama's "Change" slogan in their own website. Seems that community organizer Obama is feeling the heat of his own tactics now that he is president and organizer in chief. While it was perfectly OK for him to "organise" the community, he has a harder time accepting that others may be wanting to organise against his program. He thought the program was "Everybody Loves Obama". He was wrong. America is finally waking up to his overtly socialist agenda as envisioned by his single payer health care plan (of which the ruling oligarchs will not be required to participate since they know it is a losing system of care)


Katherine said...

skip down to the 5th paragraph here for the blessing of SEIU

Steve P said...

Just a note that not all Catholics are for Obama. Personally, I feel he is not a person that Catholics should be endorsing because a few bishops are endorsing him. Bishops have been known to be wrong and to have led people astray in the past.
The post was regarding the SEIU, which is technically a non politcal entity, behaving as a politacal entity. This is a distinct problem with many Unions, and a primary reason I have deliberatly not worked in any Union based employment. 100 years ago , Unions had their place, but today they have all become mouthpieces for Marxist-Socialist dogma and little else.