Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Michael Moore -RICH- communist film maker should give ME his money.

As wealthy goes, Michael Moore is definitely rich according to dear leader Obama.

After all... he has made considerably more money from his propagandist films than I have made being a hard working blue collar worker. Wasn't he supposed to be the champion of the blue collar worker? I guess too many french fries have gone to his head. Now that he has made some real money from his propogandising, he is currently suing his last film producer for another $2million in "royalties" he feels he is owed. What happened to giving away YOUR money, Mr Moore? I see, we are only to do what yOU say and pay no attention to what you DO.

If you think the Wisconsin collective bargaining episode is war, what do you think your precious Democrat Party's ramrodding of 'Obamacare' in the middle of the night was to the rest of Conservative America? Oh, right. Liberal views are always correct, while us conservatives have no right to exist...

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