Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Obama, the vacation President

The world is in chaos. Egypt, Yemen, and now Libya....where is, president Obama? next in a short string of events comes Japan's earthqyuake and tsunami...where's Obama?

For a candidate who campaigned on transparency and responsiveness in "government", Pres Obama has to be the lamest president elected since George Washington. To call him the "man child" is to elevate him to the rank of a semi-leader. He has absconded any minuscule vestige of being a real "leader". Each new crisis shows his "leadership" to be merely quaint puffery.


Anonymous said...

I share your revulsion for Obarfy, but, er, um, "absconded"? Maybe you mean "abdicated from"?


Steve P said...

You are correct, I should have written "abdicated".

I was thinking how often he has absconded the White House in favor of yet another vacation.