Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now the Senate Turns to Forced Abortion Coverage

The saddest part in all this madness is that true reform was never the goal.

Today the Senate plan is $849B, by next Monday I'd guess the cost estimates will be in the Trillion$ range again.

The Democrat party has sold it's soul to the devil. Even the Senate bill has language promoting government funded abortion! All it takes is 60 mortal individuals in the Senate to vote yes on this travesty to shackle millions with a mandatory tax/fee/surcharge/premium that will fund abortions with taxpayer money. In essence, our government will officially be in the dirty business of abortion by the mandate of a handful of people who don't care about life or of those who do care about life.

60 individuals out of a population of 300 million!

If one looks at the numbers, the costs all rise. the House plan requires $15000/year which comes to $1250/mo. Obvioulsy the minimum wage earner cant' afford that, so they can apply for a subsidy. Where does the money come from? The overpriced policy that the middle class income earner pays. 1/2 of the middle class earners premium actually goes to paying for the minimum wage earner who can't afford to pay the mandatory premium otherwise. Forced servitude on the lwer and middle class, with a "luxury" premium tax thrown at the "rich" to make the brew palpable to the brainwashed masses.

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