Thursday, November 05, 2009

Perhaps, with the Democrats in power, we are a doomed nation

It seems that the Democrat Party leadership is willing to ingore the will of it's own constituency in order to pass a bill so flawed that it takes 1990 pages to spell out "economic disaster" just to be in the history books as being able to say "we did it".
They don't seem to care that future generations and the current generation will not be able to pay for it.
The Dems don't really care about the poor, under insured folks; they only want to BUY their future votes with government handouts.
The Dems don't care about the middle class that they will destroy in paying for this boondoggle. The Dems don't care about the 'rich' that they will tax into poverty to pay for this $1.2 Trillion tax on the economy.
The Dems just don't care about anyone except for themselves. They have always been that way since the Civil War. It was a Republican who sought to end slavery. In the Great Depression it was Democrat policies that kept America languishing in economic despair. It is the Democrat Party that has been fully infiltrated with Communists since the 1920's.
The poster child for the health care bill is "botox" Nancy Pelosi:

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