Thursday, June 02, 2011

The original idea of a free press will soon become an oxymoron if the left continues it's present path.

Whe we think of a "free press" do we think of the the constitution and the bill of rights, or do we think of far left thought control advocacy groups like "Free Press"?

"Documents made public yesterday by Judicial Watch describe extensive collusion by Federal Communications Commission officials with a left-wing advocacy group in a campaign to expand government regulation of the Internet."
"Free Press is the most vocal of a number of far-left and liberal advocacy groups that for nearly a decade have pushed numerous proposals for vastly increasing government regulation of the Internet."

Just look at the board member bios to see how stacked to the left they are! Here.

Free Press was co-founded by Monthly Review editor Robert McChesney and the Nation contributor John Nichols. The Monthly Review is "an independent Marxist journal," while the Nation has long described itself as "the flagship of the left." Free Press is partially funded by George Soros' Open Society Institute."

Their idea of a "free press' for the internet is STRICT CONTROL over content rather than true freedom. Like most radical leftist organisations they proclaim freedom from the tyranny of oppression while foisting greater oppression upon the populace.

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