Thursday, June 02, 2011

Moody's plays dirty pool with US credit rating

There is a word for such chicanery as this move by the credit rating company, Moody's, to threaten a downgrade of credit if what they want isn't done:


"Moody's Investors Service said Thursday there is a very small but rising risk of a short-lived default by the United States if there is no increase in the statutory debt limit in coming weeks."

Put simply, Moody's feels we as a country should "spend our way out of debt" rather than be good stewards and reduce our spending.

Note that the sentence above said "short lived default", as in we default for a short ime while the spending drops to more appropriate levels. Presumably by that time the creditworthiness would again RISE, improving the credit rating. If it were only so easy. Since Moody's is playing the threat game to get GOP House members to go along with Obama's answer to rising debt.

It is very apparent that Moody's is FAR from being an independent investor credit rating service and is really now become another bought and paid for arm of the most corrupt federal government in all of US history.

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