Monday, January 23, 2006

Love that 7 day work week! or What ever happened to the concept of "weekends"?


7 day work weeks just to scrape by because of (mis) management screwups in planning! What next? Will we just live at the factory with no concept of a free weekend for our families? Oh, Yes! This is the new age of "lean manufacturing" in America where fewer employees are working more grueling hours to satiate the demands of faceless shareholders who demand more "value" from their stock. Made more frustrating by the sheer incompetence of management that surely thinks the motto is "Work harder, NOT smarter". Is it any wonder why some companies founder while others succeed? After 11 years and one stint of being laid off at my current company, I thought I would have got the message: "time to look for less stressful work". The big question is...where? It seems that this is the new American business model fashioned after the sweatshops of Asia with whom we compete with utter futility.

It is said that 'you will never grow rich working for someone else'. These days it seems more true than the last 75 or so years. The harder one works for a company, the more the company expects from you with less return (pay raise) than the year before. It is a huge step to go naked before the world and start your own business. Little wonder why so many fail! Competition is absolultly fierce! One day I hope to be brave enough to set forth in such uncharted waters, but for now I go to sleep to be ready for the next work day closer to the dreaded 'End of The Month' which plagues so many manufacturing jobs.

Who has many dreams yet to be lived.

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Aunt Chrissy said...

Just keep buying those lottery tickets, Steve P. - or get a rich girlfriend! ;-)