Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Some fun last year operating a locomotive

Last October, as a birthday present I went out to Ely, NV with my brother Frank and operated an honest to goodness steam locomotive. T'was Like being a kid all over again! Gotta have fun some time in between the rat race of 11 hour days at work and end of the month deadlines. The trip was intense as we only had a weekend to drive there and back. Fortuantely we had planned to take an additional day off to recover from the 14 hour drive.

On the way up we drove parallel to the White River along highway 93 which is beautiful country in the heart of Nevada. One sometimes thinks all of Nevada is Las Vegas or Reno. I was pleasantly surprised that there is more than just desert, mountains and area 51.

Some day.....when i win the lottery. (I'm soooo confident, aren't I? ;-) )....Maybe I'll have a big enough backyard for one of these.


Aunt Chrissy said...

Love your blog so far!

As for winning the lottery - maybe if you actually bought a ticket ...? ;-)

Steve P said...

Well, um, that would help! :D

I should make that one of my new years resolutions for 2006! :-)