Saturday, January 28, 2006

Playing boom box "music" loudly is a violation of constitutional rights

Ahhh, the peaceful quiet of a well deserved weekend.....for a moment at least. That was until some single digit IQ moron broadcasts his idea of "music" from half a mile away. Boooom boom booooom bom booooom. The new rythmn of the heathen nation of misguided youth we have raised up. What is just primal rythmn with no lyric sense is called "music" by the uninitiated, unwashed masses of an ignorant generation. Music "designed" to maximise the booooominess so as to broadcast acoustically one's simple minded idea of "culture" to those surrounding them. Other than that, boom box music truly serves no purpose to society. It neither uplifts or pulls at the emotions. It merely shakes one into feeling it for the sole sake of feeling, there is no soul to it at all.

I must applaud those (few) cities who have taken action against such wanton disregard for privacy by way of rolling boom boxes, Liberals would have us believe that to limit such assinine behaviour would be "unconstitutional". How wrong they are! By allowing such an invasion of my space, by acoustic volleys, without my permission is in fact a violation of MY constitutional right to privacy as much as if they were to walk through my living room uninvited.

It is about time American society starts accounting for the folly of liberalism. This is the harvest of a poorly planted crop- society out of balance-

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